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A young Rudra sees his mother having an illegit affair with a man; Burning with anger he kill his mother and her lover and runs away. During the same period, Kottamma, the wife of the tribal head, finds her husband indulging in an licit affair and orders her men to kill her husband and takes over the regin of the tribe. To ensure no other families are broken due to the affairs, she passes a law and people found having such affairs post marriage will be executed. With no family left, Kottamma gives solace to Rudra. Innocent Rudra grows up to be a menacing and towering man working as the grave yard's keeper. His mother's betrayal to the family left a scaring mark in his heart making Rudra take up celibecy and staying away from woman at all costs. Rudra's name travels across the land as he becomes infamous for being Kottamma's right-hand-man and her enforcer. Irrespective of the odds or the obstacles, if Kottamma orders something, Rudra is the only one who will accomplish it.


Anil Arka
Vibhisha Jaanu
Alekhya Gadamboina
Basskar Raw

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GenreDrama, Action

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Rudramkota Poster
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